Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pill Bottle Cotton Swab Holder

I never know what to do with prescription bottles after I'm done with them.  I had a particularly large one after finishing a round of meds for the dog, and decided to give it new purpose.

I had a scrap of decorative paper left over from card making.  You can use any sort of patterned paper for this project.

Clean out your pill bottle.  Make sure your piece of paper will cover the whole bottle when wrapped around.  Lay the bottle on its side, and trim the paper to the same height as the bottle (I trimmed below the lid ridges so the paper would lay flat).
 Use double-sided tape, and tape the short edge of the paper.  Press onto the bottle.
 Wrap all the way around, and use double-sided tape to secure the end of the paper.
 Easy!  I'm not sure that even counts as a "craft" could always get a little fancier.  If you're storing heavier things in it (like pens), you may want to weigh down the bottom with coins or pebbles so it doesn't topple.