Monday, November 7, 2011

Wine Glass Charms

I am horrible at keeping track of things.  No matter how many times I tell myself to put things back where they came from, I inevitably will tuck my keys under a hat, leave my phone in the car, or lose track of what I'm looking for.  This applies to beverages and food in a shared space.  I'll set a glass of wine down on a table, and suddenly, in a sea of other glasses, I've forgotten which is mine.

Luckily, this is a problem that is affordably and quickly solved with homemade wine charms!  I made these with some friends of mine last week, and now I shall never lose track of my beverages.  These can also be used on mug handles!  

Materials Required:

  • 24-26mm earring hoop
  • assorted beads
  • charm
  • jump ring
  • needle nose or jewelry pliers

Using the pliers, open the jump ring.  Don't open up the circle to make a "C", because it will be harder to put it back to a circular shape.  Instead, hold it such that the ring is facing you and the joint is facing upwards.  Hold one side with your hand, and use the pliers to hold on the other side.  Twist it such that one side is towards you, and the other is away.  If you look at it straight on, it should look like an "O" still.

If that didn't make sense, check out this tutorial.
Slide the charm into the jump ring, and twist closed.
Thread your beads and charm along the hoop.
Your earring hoop should have two sides: one flat side with a hole, and the post on the other side.  Bend a few millimeters of the post at 90 degrees using the pliers.

Now the hoop will stay closed when hooked together.
Easy!  Now you know which glass is yours.

Make a whole set!

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