Thursday, January 19, 2012

What to do with fabric scraps

After cutting pieces for quilting projects (or any fabric project, really), I'm often left with a large array of oddly-shaped scraps.  They are way too small to sew into any one project, but it is such a waste to throw them away.
I've found I can salvage them by sewing coordinating scraps together to make patchwork fabric.  In turn, these patchwork squares can be used to make pillowcases, framed as cheap art, accent blocks for a quilt, or simply be used for practice in free-hand machine quilting.  

If the pieces are particularly big, something like a checkered pattern seems to work well: 
 If you have a set of matching fat quarters (like I did after making quilts for myself and my sister), coordinating strips also look great:

 The pieces don't have to be square or uniform size, either.
I sew these scrappy blocks shortly after cutting them, to keep down clutter.  After pressing them, I keep them in a shoebox together, and use them as inspiration strikes.

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