Thursday, April 26, 2012

Molly's "Farmer's Daughter" Sandwich

The entire university campus serves the same mega-chain coffee in all of its cafés...all of its cafés, that is, except for one.  I'm not sure what the loophole is, but I think it's allowed to exist because it sits in the basement of the art gallery on the edge of campus.  I never would have noticed its presence, but lucky me,  I have caring friends who steered me to its doors.  There are lots of things to love about Molly's:  They serve Stumptown Coffee.  Their punchcard offers two opportunities for free beverages instead of the usual one.  The drip coffee is only $1 if you bring your own mug.  The baristas are the friendliest hipsters in Seattle.  Their salads and sandwiches are almost entirely organic and sourced by local suppliers.

They serve the Farmer's Daughter Sandwich.
An apple, onion, and cheddar sandwich does not sound appetizing under its own name.  I suspect this is why the marketing team at Molly's put together the clever name, "Farmer's Daughter."  I decided to try it under Ryan's recommendation, and I was hooked!  Crisp tart apples, slightly sweet pickled onions, and fatty cheddar compliment each other incredibly well in both texture and taste.  Served on wheat bread with a smear of stoneground mustard, this is a sandwich that is meant for people who love tangy and sweet flavors.

Now that my days of attending the university are over, my reasons for visiting Molly's have dwindled.  I miss the smiling baristas, clean and bright study space, and delicious food and coffee...but who's to say I can't make the sandwich at home?

Adapted from sandwich served at Molly's

  • Whole wheat bread
  • Extra sharp white cheddar
  • Stoneground mustard
  • Pickled yellow onions (recipe here)
  • Granny smith apple, sliced 

Slice your apples thinly.
 Spread a generous amount of stoneground mustard.
 Layer a slice of cheddar (or the apples, since the mustard will keep the slices in place).
 Top with pickled onions!
 Finish off the sandwich...
 ...and you're ready to go.  Enjoy!

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