Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dog Tag Silencer

I have a dog.  He is wiggly.  How wiggly?
Close-up wigglies
Between his ID, Rabies Shot, and Seattle Pet License tags, he makes a lot of noise when he's galavanting around the house.  This makes a lot of noise in our echo-y concrete apartment, not to mention the fact they wear down the tag markings until they're unreadable and need to be replaced. 

 I looked at a few options, and realized I had plenty of scrap laying around to make a tag silencer!

You can make this out of something more durable like neoprene (especially if your dog is a swimmer), but Digby tends to stay on land and I've got mountains of fabric to make more if he wears this one out.  

What you'll need:
  • Small scrap of low-stretch fabric (flannel, denim, canvas, etc.), 2 in x 5 in
  • Velcro
 Cut your piece of fabric to the following dimensions (the shape is horizontally symmetric, if you think a measurement or two is missing):
To help with durability and reduce fraying, sew a zig-zag stitch along the entire border of the shape.
 Next, fold in half "hamburger" style so the bottom edge barely meets the tab cut outs.   Sew as a pocket along the sides.
 Turn the pouch inside out.
 Cut small strips of Velcro to fit the two tabs.
 Attach velcro to the tabs and the back of the pouch (either use self-stick Velcro, or if you want a more durable alternative, sew-on Velcro and attach the pouch Velcro before sewing the sides of the pouch together).
 Tuck the dog tags inside the pouch.
 Secure the Velcro fasteners.
 Voila!  Noise-free romping ensues.  I'm pretty sure Digby knows when he's being photographed...what a good boy!
Digby shows off his good side


  1. he totally knows that he's getting photographed! those are both total model poses in the last two pics. the dog tag silencer is pretty freakin' sweet! and you're pup is adorable.

  2. Hi Kristina! I was looking through your blog just now and I realized I said "you're dog"...I meant "your". haha I felt the need to say this because it really bothers me now. Again, awesome tag silencer!