Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Homemade Magic Shell

This is quite possibly the best ice cream topping ever, and it's so easy!  When warm, this sauce has the same consistency as normal chocolate syrup.  After pouring the stuff on ice cream, the sauce solidifies and creates a crispy shell.  This is because the fats added to the chocolate are from coconut oil, which is solid at room temperature.

This recipe only requires two ingredients, but it would be easy to add your own flavor mix-ins.

Yields 4+ servings

  • 45 g (1/4 c) Coconut Oil
  • 70 g (2.5 oz or 1/2 c) Chocolate
  • Optional flavors: peppermint extract, sea salt, chili powder, cinnamon, etc.

 I decided to use chocolate chips, because that is what I had on hand.  A higher quality dark chocolate or flavored chocolate would provide a more complex flavor, but semi-sweet chocolate chips are certainly still delicious!
 Combine the coconut oil and the chocolate in a microwave-safe container.  Microwave for 20-30 seconds at a time, stirring in between.  Continue until the two ingredients are combined and smooth.
 This ice cream is looking pretty nude...
 Pour a thin layer over a scoop of your favorite flavor.  (Digby is an expert at photobombing)
 Awesome!  So easy.

You can store the leftovers in a jar, and leave it at room temperature.  You might need to pop it in the microwave for a few seconds to get it back to liquid consistency.


  1. I had no idea it was this easy! PINNED!!!

  2. SO easy. A little too easy, if you ask me. :) I hope you enjoy it!

  3. kudos for the anthropologie latté bowls (we have them in light blue!) and for the TJ's choc. chips. :)

  4. I must try this! Where can you buy coconut oil from? Also, the bf wants to know what camera you're using. :)

  5. Elsbeth, I LOVE those bowls! :)

    Shannon, I've found coconut oil in the natural section of most grocery stores...some impart more of a coconut flavor than others. The brand I have pictured definitely adds coconut flavor, if that's what you're looking for!

    As far as the camera goes, I take pictures with my Canon XTi, and I shoot in RAW format. Hope that helps!

  6. Thanks Kristina! I'm looking for a coconut oil that's less coconut-y tasting! I'll have to do some research!

  7. Glad to see you put the coconut oil to good use! :)